About Dean


Dean Libs was born and raised in San Diego and gardening was an influential family activity throughout his childhood. After exploring various careers, it became evident that he should help people grow food at their homes, which inspired him to create Dean's Greens™. Dean is also following his family lineage of Michigan farmers.

To further his education in agriculture, Dean completed an urban gardening apprenticeship under the guidance of Paul Maschka and Julia Dashe at Seeds At City in downtown San Diego at City College. His search for more knowledge and experience was heightened, which led him to a 6 month farm internship with Bob Cannard at the Green String Institute in Petaluma, CA. He then seized the opportunity to apprentice with Bob Shaffer, soil and compost consultant, on his coffee and macadamia nut farm in Captain Cook, Hawaii. Later, he had the chance to work at Stone Farms in Escondido, CA and learn alongside Mil Krecu, who's now the farm manager at Leichtag Foundation Ranch.

These programs along with attending lectures, studying agronomy and visiting/working on numerous other farms has opened up a new perspective and broadened his knowledge on growing nutritionally rich food while working with nature.

Aside from Dean's Greens™, Dean has developed The Soledad Garden to supply fresh food to friends and family. He is also a weekly garden educator at the Mesa College garden. He continuously enhances his understanding of soil, plants and animals in an ever changing interconnected world.

"Tonight we had a salad largely from the greens we planted and it was so good...nothing like straight from the garden. Again, I can't thank you enough for re-invigorating my garden and my ability to go from garden to table so effortlessly. You made it so easy that there's no stopping me now."

Dr. Ann Honigman, Craniosacral Chiropractor

"We love working with Dean on our garden. Our three raised beds benefit greatly from his awareness of plants, soils, seasons and possibilities. We just finished our second planting with him and intend to evolve into a year long growing cycle -- not just the flashy summertime. The Cape Gooseberries we got from him last year are going strong and we would probably never had heard of them if he hadn't given us a start. Thanks, Dean, for your great work and knowledge."

David & Doretta Winkelman, San Diego, CA